Experience Is Everything

In today’s ever-changing real estate market, it takes an experienced team to make game-changing decisions. Corbelis’ management team has experience in many of the nation’s top housing markets, during good times and bad, across all residential product types. Since 1995, senior members of Corbelis have acquired, developed and/or managed hundreds of real estate projects located throughout major U.S. markets, with a total capitalization exceeding $5 billion (requiring over $1 billion of equity).

Corbelis is actively leveraging its network and infrastructure to source, evaluate and execute new real estate development projects, creating value through an emphasis on the incorporation of active lifestyle components into project design.

Working with a variety of well-capitalized investment partners, Corbelis delivers superior project execution by:

  • Accurately underwriting complex real estate opportunities in a disciplined way utilizing rigorous standards.
  • Creatively structuring and capitalizing transactions to address the complex needs and constraints of sellers, land owners and partners.
  • Maintaining a strong network of best-in-class consultants in entitlement/land use, land planning, market research, engineering, landscape design, architecture and construction management to ensure sustained performance and the creation of significant value throughout a project’s investment life cycle.

By utilizing our vision and experience we are able to create signature properties that work with the land and improve the quality of life for those who live, work and play within them.