THE HOUSE ™ logo RGB transparentTHE HOUSE is an approximately 250,000 sf multi-sport recreational facility Corbelis has proposed to build, own and operate on a parcel of land ground leased from a local municipality.  As designed, the building would include 2 NHL sized ice skating rinks, puddle rink for individual instruction and skills work, four water bodies (including a 121′ x 75′ “stretch” pool with bulkhead (that can accommodate 1m and 3m diving), warmer water leisure/teaching pool, 12′ x 12′ hot tub and separate therapy pool), full size indoor artificial grass field (210′ x 330′ that can be quartered with hanging nets into four smaller game areas) surrounded by a two lane track, 12,000 sf of dedicated fitness space, a 25′ tall rock climbing wall and all the requisite locker rooms, changing rooms, multi-purpose rooms, etc. for a community oriented facility of this size.  Utilizing its vast experience managing community facilities, Corbelis intends to operate and fully program the facility and offer numerous programming opportunities for town residents.