Posted on: January 29th, 2020




Pennsylvania Delivers Tax Advantages and Regional Appeal


GETTYSBURG, PA, January 6, 2020 – Look out, Florida and Arizona, because Pennsylvania has earned a place on the retirement destination scene. After conducting years of detailed research, the team at CCD Rock Creek LLC understood that Pennsylvania’s relatively low taxes, moderate climate, and attractive surroundings—both economically and geographically—would be a natural draw for a growing number of U.S. retirees.  And Gettysburg’s historic location became the ideal place to launch a community. 

CCD Rock Creek LLC in partnership with Caruso Homes and Elevate Homes is pleased to introduce Amblebrook Gettysburg, a resort-style, active adult community of approximately 2,000 homes to be built near the intersection of Route 394 (Shriver’s Corner Road) and Route 15.  Next year will be an exciting one for this new community with the completion of eight model homes, delivery of the first homes to buyers, and completion of the Welcome Center, entrance monument, and other amenities.

Prospective buyers from higher-tax states that border Pennsylvania explained that taxes are a key driver of their interest in the community, along with the appealing Gettysburg location. In addition to having one of the lowest sales tax rates in the nation with no assessment on food or clothing, Pennsylvania considers pension income completely tax exempt, and there is no tax on retirement income. Pennsylvania also offers housing cost rebates for qualifying residents who are over the age of 65. These types of economic benefits add to Amblebrook Gettysburg’s attraction for active adult buyers who are focused on fitness and well-being, low-maintenance living, financial security, care for the environment, and educational opportunities.

Along with the financial appeal for retirees from surrounding states such as Maryland, New York, and New Jersey, the Pennsylvania destination delivers wholesome living in Adams County near historic Gettysburg. As one of the nation’s leading fruit producers, and home to extensive dairy, livestock, and crop operations, the county is an agricultural powerhouse for a community focused on nutritious, farm-to-table benefits. By partnering with the Farm Bureau and other organizations, Amblebrook Gettysburg will feature on-site farm stands with locally-sourced meat and dairy products, baked goods, fruits, vegetables, wines, flowers and more.

In addition to these benefits, the community will feature a grand clubhouse with sports and fitness facilities, a year-round aquatic center, spa, lounge, cafe, and a full range of planned activities. “People love the fact that they can live in a resort-style environment and still have access to fresh products raised by local families, the way it used to be, “ said Robert Karen, General Manager for Amblebrook Gettysburg. “Unlike any other destination, Amblebrook Gettysburg is designed to allow residents to move back in time when it comes to quality and personalized services, while moving forward in every aspect of their healthy, vibrant lifestyle.” 

Mr. Karen attributed the community’s unique approach to extensive research that guided the team in providing amenities and services that go well beyond what is traditionally available. “We focused on understanding the authentic needs of active adults in the region,” he said. “Amblebrook Gettysburg is positioned to capture demand from approximately 1.5 million age- and income-qualified households currently living within a 100-mile radius of the site. We’re eager to welcome new residents who have been seeking a better way to retire without moving hundreds—or even thousands—of miles away.” 

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Henley USA, under its residential land development partnership Henley Corbelis, purchased the 779-acre site in Gettysburg.  Henley Corbelis has an established track record of developing innovative, award-winning communities in the nation’s top housing markets.  Since 1995, senior members of Henley Corbelis have acquired, developed and/or managed hundreds of real estate projects with a total capitalization exceeding $5 billion.  The management team, which includes Robert Karen, the newly hired nationally recognized expert in active adult communities, possess a unique combination of real estate development and capital market expertise.